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Chip Explains: Collateral

Chip Explains: Collateral

Understanding collateral is key for borrowers & lenders! Learn how it secures loans, lowers rates & what assets can be used as collateral.

Chip Explains Finance: The Gift Tax

Chip Explains: The Gift Tax

Unsure about gift taxes & implications for your estate plan? Learn the rules, exemptions & strategies for tax-smart giving.

Chip Explanis Finance: Cryptocurrency

Chip Explains: Cryptocurrency

Dive into the world of cryptocurrency! Understand blockchain, explore popular coins, & learn how to safely invest in this digital revolution.

Chip Explains: Emergency Funds

Build a financial safety net! Learn how an emergency fund protects you from unexpected expenses & how to create a plan to save for one.

Chip Explains: Foreclosure

Understand the ins and outs of foreclosure. This guide explains the process & offers strategies for those struggling with foreclosure, along with resources for help.

Chip Explains: Vesting Periods

Learn how vesting periods work and gain ownership of employer-provided benefits like retirement contributions or stock options.

Chip Explains: 529 Plans

What is a 529 plan?: A tax-advantaged investment account for future education expenses. It offers tax-free withdrawals for qualified education expenses and flexibility for various institutions. Learn more about 529 plans!

Chip Explains: Margin Calls

Margin calls explained! Learn what they are, why they matter, and how to navigate them for safe margin trading in the dynamic market.

Chip Explains: Futures Contracts

Futures contracts—standardized agreements for buying/selling assets at a set point in the future. Manage risk, speculate across markets, from commodities to currencies. But beware: Leverage, volatility, timing is key.

Chip Explains: 403(b) Accounts

Discover 403(b) Retirement Plans: Tailored savings for educators & non-profits. Tax advantages & employer contributions pave the way to a secure retirement.

Top 6 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor in 2024

Get clarity, make informed decisions, secure your future! Six questions to ask your financial advisor about portfolio strategies, inflation hedges, tax-efficient plans, retirement readiness, and fee transparency.

Chip Explains: Fixed Income Indexes

Today, we’re exploring Fixed Income Indexes. These indexes are like roadmaps for investors navigating the world of fixed-income securities. Let’s uncover why they’re essential in finance.

Chip Explains Hedge Funds

Chip Explains: Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds Explained: High returns, high risks & high fees. Understand strategies, risks & who can invest before diving in.

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