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Chip Explains: Futures Contracts

Futures contracts—standardized agreements for buying/selling assets at a set point in the future. Manage risk, speculate across markets, from commodities to currencies. But beware: Leverage, volatility, timing is key.

Chip Explains: 403(b) Accounts

Discover 403(b) Retirement Plans: Tailored savings for educators & non-profits. Tax advantages & employer contributions pave the way to a secure retirement.

Top 6 Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor in 2024

Get clarity, make informed decisions, secure your future! Six questions to ask your financial advisor about portfolio strategies, inflation hedges, tax-efficient plans, retirement readiness, and fee transparency.

Chip Explains: Fixed Income Indexes

Today, we’re exploring Fixed Income Indexes. These indexes are like roadmaps for investors navigating the world of fixed-income securities. Let’s uncover why they’re essential in finance.

Chip Explains: Financial Derivatives

Discover how these powerful instruments derive value from underlying assets, offering opportunities for risk management and portfolio diversification. But beware of the risks lurking beneath the surface, from leverage to counterparty challenges.

Chip Explains: Money Market Funds

Dive into Money Market Funds, exploring their versatility, stability, and convenience for investors. Learn why they matter and how to navigate your financial journey with confidence.

Chip Explains: Treasury Bonds

Explore the realm of Treasury Bonds, your steadfast guides to financial stability. Discover their features, benefits, and how to invest wisely.

Chip Explains: Stocks

Learn the ins and outs of stocks, this article dives into all aspects of stocks and the role they play in personal wealth creation as well as the global economy.

Chip Explains: Recessions

Discover how to navigate recessions and thrive. Learn key indicators, historical insights, and actionable tips for individuals and investors. Sail towards financial resilience with confidence!

Chip Explains: Dividends

Learn about dividends, what they are, how they work and their place in the financial world. Get basic understanding of dividends in under three minutes.

Chip Explains: Taxable Income

Want to learn the basics of taxable income? This article will explain the various types of earnings, such as wages, salary, bonuses, rental income, plus the deductions, exemptions, and credits that effect how you calculate your tax liability

Chip Explains: Securities

Learn all about financial securities like stocks, bonds and ETFs as we provide examples, and dive into the types, regulation, and importance. In 5 minutes you’ll understand financial securities.

Chip Explains: Vesting Periods

Learn how vesting periods work and gain ownership of employer-provided benefits like retirement contributions or stock options.

Chip Explains: 529 Plans

What is a 529 plan?: A tax-advantaged investment account for future education expenses. It offers tax-free withdrawals for qualified education expenses and flexibility for various institutions. Learn more about 529 plans!

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