What We Do

Every new client engagement begins by proceeding through our Blueprintssm planning process as described below.

A good house design requires full integration of all living space to meet the unique needs of your lifestyle. Your financial plan requires the same thoughtful design and integration with your lifestyle and your goals.

Our Blueprintssm planning process helps us understand your unique needs and helps you to understand that relationship.

Behind the Blueprints Processsm

The following six attributes comprise the value we provide as we work through the Blueprintssm planning process:

We will help get your financial house in order.


We will follow through and we will encourage you to do so as well.


We will provide insight to avoid emotionally driven decisions.


We will help anticipate what’s coming and create an action plan for moving forward.


We will help you gain specific knowledge to aid in the decision making process.


We will work with you, not just for you.

Our wealth management process involves far more than simply investing your money. It’s what makes Addis & Hill special and what will keep you a satisfied client.

Blueprints Processsm

Wealth Protection

Building a financial plan without first covering your bases is akin to building a house on sand. Soon that house will shift and develop cracks and ultimately crumble. You deserve to sleep well at night knowing that you have taken steps to build a solid foundation. Protecting your assets from inflation, frivolous lawsuits, identity theft, death, long-term medical care and the impact of a long life come first, to name a few.

Wealth Enhancement

It is here where we work to help you maximize the resources that you have and where we turn our attention to many of the tactical planning aspects of the financial planning process.
Spending & Cash Flow Management
You’ve spent years saving for the future. How much can you spend and how do you generate the income you need from IRA’s or non-retirement accounts with the least amount of tax cost?
Investment Planning
What is the least amount of risk that you can take in your portfolio to achieve the most secure financial future for you and your family? We work from there to help you position your investment dollars to support the financial plan. We believe it’s not necessarily about the return you make on your money, it’s more about making sure there are enough dollars to see you through – a meaningful nuance.

We start by looking at the allocation that strikes a balance between achieving the right amount of growth and the right amount of income so that you don’t run the risk of outliving your assets. Can you afford to experience another stock market crash? Is it necessary to take that kind of risk?


After the optimal allocation is determined, the passage of time will change the mix and your circumstances will change how the portfolio should be positioned. The portfolio will need to be brought back into balance periodically to keep your financial plan on track and relevant. We help create the rules and implement the process by which this will happen on an ongoing basis.

Open Architecture

We are fortunate to operate our investment services independently on our own proprietary platform. As a result, we can accommodate most any combination of securities and we are in control of what goes on, not some large investment company in some other part of the country. We always make it a priority to look for low-cost investment products and long-term track records when building portfolios for our clients.

Tax Considerations

Taxes are a big concern for our clients and we do everything possible to lower this burden. We will ensure that investments are located properly in taxable and tax-deferred accounts to maximize after tax returns. And, when the markets get volatile, we always look for opportunities to take advantage of tax-loss and tax-gain harvesting. That’s just part of the added value we provide to each and every one of our clients.

Real Estate & Debt
You’ve invested in real estate over the years and made some good choices. Now you are wondering whether and how these holdings fit into the financial plan of the future. As you age, you might think of debt a little differently and feel you need to reassess where you stand.
Pensions & Social Security Planning
Behind Social Security, pensions used to be the primary source of income for most retirees. Boy have things changed! But, you still may need to make some important pension option decisions and figure out your optimal social security filing strategy.
Education Planning
If you have younger children, you may want to start saving for the college years. Or if you are a grandparent, perhaps you are looking for ways to relieve some of the financial pressure your children may face paying for it all.
Tax Mitigation
Every move you make usually comes with a tax implication. We are always looking for ways to keep the tax man at bay so that you keep more of the dollars you have worked so hard to build. We often collaborate with your tax advisors to ensure adherence to the latest tax code and develop tax mitigation strategies.

Wealth Transfer

Estate planning is about protecting your financial legacy in terms of who you are as a person and/or family. We’ll help to ensure that your assets are distributed to your heirs in the most tax-advantaged and efficient way possible. The use of competent estate attorneys can be required if legal documents need to be created or updated.

Charitable Planning

It’s very common to reach a point in your life when you desire to support organizations or causes that are near and dear to you. If it’s important to you to support a charity, we’ll help you create a strategy to make it a reality and help you do it in a tax-advantaged manner.