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A Secret To Achieving Financial Independence


Recently I listened to a program presented by my favorite statistician, Dr. Craig L. Israelsen, PhD. He is an Executive-in-Residence in the Financial Planning Program at Utah Valley University and publishes extensively on the topics portfolio structure and investment statistical returns.

As financial professionals we emphasize the need to begin to save and invest for retirement early in one’s career. One of Dr. Isrealsen’s studies on saving or investing over time is somewhat astounding. His analysis is based upon past interest rates and portfolios returns.

Here’s the summary of the assumptions and results that caught my attention:

    • A person begins a 46-year career earning $35,000 per year and receives 3% increases each year and puts aside 10% of their income.
    • Over that time period, the amount invested is $337,755 at zero interest or return.
    • By saving in an interest bearing account at then current rates, one would have accumulated $772,573 – twice the amount that you put away.
    • If, however, you invest into a diversified 60% stock/40% bond portfolio, you end up with an astounding $3,316,424! That’s almost 10 times more than put away!

Investing consistently over time can be one of the keys to wealth accumulation and ultimate financial independence.

Bill Mayer, CFP ®
Bill Mayer, CFP



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