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Anxious About the Market?


There is quite a bit of noise currently about an impending stock market correction as the “market” has ratcheted higher and higher amid perceived geopolitical issues in the United States and around the world.  Vanguard’s research found that attempting to time the market has shaved 1.5% on average from annual returns as one can never know exactly when to get in or out of any market.

So, then what do you do?  According to Vanguard; make sure your portfolio is aligned with your goals, focus on the big picture instead of daily events, rebalance, and save more.  These are the exactly the same things that Addis & Hill focuses on every day. Read the full article here.

Hopefully you have the peace of mind to know your investment plan is in alignment with your financial plan.  If you are feeling uneasy, then there could not be a better time to consult with an advisor.  Better to do it at the top of the market than at the bottom.

Chip Addis
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