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Holding true to asset allocation principles


We’ve just finished a review of the first half of 2017’s investment performance numbers for our clients.  We continue to see many of the same trends continuing in 2017 as we did over the last few years.  Speaking generally, US equities continue to be strong, while oil and commodities continue to be weak.  The one trend that has broken in the first half of 2017 is that international equities outperformed US equities and international bonds outperformed US bonds.

Index                                         June 2017 YTD

FTSE All World ex US Market Index        +14.2%

CRPS US Total Stock Market Index           +9.0%

Barclays Global Treasury Ex-US Index      +7.8%

Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index          +2.3%

This years’ performance is a good example of why we hold true to asset allocation principles.  It is important to adhere to the plan and not chase areas that are performing well and not abandon areas that aren’t.  In doing so, we will be well positioned for when trends reverse.

Who knows how 2017 will play out in the end, but following a disciplined investment approach usually wins the day!

Kelly Bashore
Kelly Bashore



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