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Turning Worry About Money Into Action


Our poll results revealed that you are not alone in your worry about money.  Our last blog focused on how to diminish the risk associated with your worry.  This time we focus on our thought patterns.

Some of the worry we all experience are the self-imposed beliefs about money that are formed from our life’s experiences and circumstances.  Sometimes these beliefs hold us back from realizing our full potential in life.  For example, if you live your life saying that “money is the root of all evil”, you might not experience true financial freedom.  Perhaps you might want to replace that thought with “money is neutral and a resource to do good in my life”.  After all, it’s not the fault of money that causes evil, it’s that the person with the money who might have gotten it wrong making money their everything in life!  Read the full article here about our misconstrued ideas about money then work to change your supporting beliefs and messages to yourself about money – THE ACTION!

Bonus Article here

Remember, worry about money has no boundaries between rich and poor.  From the Forbes article “Money is a symbol. It is a tool. Your hammer can’t drive the nail in by itself. Money is the business part of your life. Your money didn’t make its own decisions. Your tools can’t control you. You control your tools. Own your actions and teach your grandchildren to do the same. We made up the fear story around money… now is your chance to rewrite the story. You don’t want them to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, the way many of us do… worrying about money.”

Now, the hard part – THE ACTION!  Work to heal that part of you that has fears or doubts, big or small to contain that worry!

Chip Addis



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