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The Best Chart Ever!


Despite an average intra-year decline of (-)13.8% for the S&P 500 since 1980, the average annual return ended up being a positive +12.8% return thirty-two out of the last thirty-eight years!

So, as the trade war with China heats up and the market responds negatively to the uncertainty, only seven out of the last thirty-eight years actually ended up in the red.  We are far from that point so far in 2019, but, perhaps the wider perspective just might help you tune out the chatter and rest a little better at night.  It’s not a question of when the next “China” type situation will come along, but, rather WHEN.  It’s all part of the uncertainty behind investing and why those who stay the course are rewarded over time.

Source: Standard & Poor’s, Fact Set, Morningstar.



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