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The Family Home and Its Contents


You and your spouse (or parents) have been married for 50 years and bought the family house many years ago where the family was raised.  There are tons of memories and emotion associated with the four walls and the objects that fill the rooms.  But, the kids and grandchildren don’t come to visit as often due to their busy schedules.  The maintenance costs are escalating as the house gets older.  The stairs are getting harder.  And, keeping up with everything seems to be getting more challenging each and every year.  It’s all very normal.  And, it might be time to deal with reality.  The money might be drying up.  Physical limitations might be setting in.  The house and its contents might start to feel like a noose around ones neck.   

If you are relating to these issues, it might be time to consult with a financial advisor to determine what your best course of action might be before making difficult, emotionally charged decisions.  Understanding the financial reality with staying put vs. selling is usually the first step.   Once the financial scenarios are fully explored you can determine if the decision is about money or is there something else going on?  Maybe there are outdated beliefs that need to be revisited?  Maybe belongings hold more importance than they should at this stage of your life?   Maybe fear is preventing you from taking a risk?   Might ego be getting in the way?  Or is there something else at play?  There are lots of resources available to help!

We have found that moving can be a very liberating experience for clients.  No longer are they bogged down with the stuff and all the responsibility.  Quality of life can improve dramatically.  Time can be spent doing things that are truly important rather than fulfilling another obligation.  Money can be used in ways other than fixing yet another plumbing problem.

We urge our clients to face the issue head on.  Don’t hide!  The sooner you understand WHY, the faster you can get on with your life, no matter your age.



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