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See What’s Behind Door Number Two!


I don’t care if we agree about whether the endorsed provider system in Pennsylvania school districts is an antiquated system for delivering 403(B)’s and other products to teachers.
But, I hear teachers wondering every day why they should care because aren’t all you financial guys the same anyway?
So, let’s put the endorsed provider debate aside for a minute.  I have three questions for you.
  • 1.        Do you think that it’s acceptable for teachers to pay at least $2000 more per year to park your $200,000 403(B) or PSERS lump sum inside an annuity or some other high cost product rather than a low-cost index fund?
  • 2.        Do you believe that eliminating the middle man and that operating as a fiduciary (in your best interests) is the wave of the future?

For anything that I do, I want a plan, not a product of some sort sold to me.  I want the assurance of knowing that someone has my back and serving my best interests.  I want someone who is going to be proactive, not reactive.  I want to be sure that I am getting the best value, that I’m not paying for what I don’t need, and that pockets aren’t being lined at my expense.  I want full transparency.  I want a comprehensive approach for dealing with my life and money. So now my final question, but, it will take some imagination.  There are two doors…

  • 3.        Behind door number one is the sales guy lurking in the hallways of your school because he is on a list waiting for the next retiring teacher to buy something so that he makes a lot of money by praying on your fears.  Behind door number two is the future.  An independent firm that delivers a comprehensive retirement planning process not dependent upon you buying some high cost financial product.  A firm that has well over twenty years of experience working with retiring teachers.  A firm that knows you, does not treat you like a number, and is responsive to your needs.
Until you go to retire you can only invest your 403(B) with a firm on the “approved” list of endorsed providers.  But, when you go to retire, the handcuffs come off and you are free to choose.  So, what will you choose – door number one or door number two?



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