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Happy 5th Anniversary Bill


2021 is the year of milestones at Addis Hill. We recently celebrated Kelly’s 15 year work anniversary and now we honor Bill Mayer who has been part of our team for the last five years. Bill plays a critical behind-the-scenes role as our lead financial planner. Twenty years ago we realized the importance and value of the financial planning process in our clients lives. It’s the glue that holds everything together and needs to be tended to over time. As a CFP, Bill does a wonderful job making sure that we looking at all angles as we develop our financial and investment plans. He pays particular attention to how every decision impacts the tax return and he works very hard to minimize the impact of taxes on each and every plan. We are very fortunate to have Bill on board as he has a wealth of experience, wisdom, and common sense. His impact is felt at all corners of Addis Hill and we appreciate his dedication to the well-being of our clients. Thank you, Bill!




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