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According to a Penn researcher, our bodies cells contain tiny aging clocks made from pieces of DNA called telomeres. Over the years, the telomeres shorten until they reach their ends, fray, and cause diabetes. As the telomeres eventually disappear the cells die which acts as a protective mechanism that keeps cells from becoming cancerous. But, researchers are learning that humans can actually lengthen their telomeres and keep them from fraying by exercising and adhering to a healthy diet.

Our individual financial lives likely have similar issues inside of them that might be causing our plans to fray and cause some unintended negative outcome. Accelerating inflation, longevity, lack of diversification, medical costs are all examples of pieces of your financial DNA that could threaten your plans and cause you to eventually run out of money. So, although our bodies are programmed to break down, deteriorate, and eventually die – thoughtful unbiased financial advise just might be what the doctor ordered to prevent your financial plan from doing the same.



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