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Are You Sure You Want to Retire?


First, doing the planning necessary to enjoy a happy retirement takes a lot of work!  You have to know that going in.  Simply attending PSERS retirement workshops and an exit counselling meeting is not retirement planning.  Those sessions are simply designed to help you understand the forms to fill out and other administrative aspects to retiring,  Frankly, that is the easy part.  The hard part is committing to the process and working with a FEE-ONLY advisor who is experienced and can take you through a thoughtful process designed to help you make smart decisions.  Unless you’ve retired from PSERS before, this process is very difficult to do on your own or by listening to other people.  Every situation is very different!
The answers will come out of the questions your advisor asks.  If an entire session is not devoted to this process, don’t have high expectations for the plan you are putting in place.  And, if the questions are not being asked, it just might have something to do with the motivation of the advisor…  maybe just trying to sell you something perhaps?
Secondly, be care not to retire to early.  You have to be psychologically ready.  You need something to get out of bed for in the morning during retirement.  Understand what that might be for you!  And, making sure you are going to be set financially make things a lot easier, IF, the timing is right for you.

So, take some time this summer to meet with a FEE-ONLY advisor who can start asking the right questions so you can retire with confidence!  Give Addis & Hill a call – we are open all summer!  Or go to to find another FEE-ONLY advisor who can help you.



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