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We all say we want things simpler don’t we?  So, why when simpler is proposed

It is all too often rejected?

1.        We don’t think it will work.

                We are attached to complexity because something that requiresa lot of something should work after all.  We “miss out” if there

                are only two steps instead of eight!

2.        We think simple should be esay.

                Someone goes to the doctor and says that he/she doesn’t feel

                well.  The doctor says get more sleep, eat healthier food, and

                Exercise three days a week.  Simple solution but not easy.

3.        We like tradition

                We get used to the way things “should” look and when they don’t

                we get suspicious.  Money options are supposed to be complex,

                aren’t they?

 We have to realize that simple, effective solutions are right in front of us.

They might look different but to get there we need to change our mindset.

Complexity will not solve your problems, but, simplicity just might!

For an interesting perspective on creating simpler financial decisions with

Illustrations like we’ve shown go to  



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