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REPEAT AFTER ME “I Come From a Place of Not Knowing”


Lat week, I noticed the following headline on “Why investors may get a rude awakening: Siegel”.  Yes, this is the same Jeremy Siegel that predicted that the 2008 stock market would be better than 2007, led by financial stocks.  Financial Stocks ended up dropping nearly 70% by the end of 2008!

Are we suggesting that a correction in the market is not likely?  Absolutely not, that is always a possibility!  What we are saying is that nobody knows what is going to happen including a famous author and professor at Penn.

On September 16th , the market ended up jumping over 120 points.  There is a lot of noise out there today – ISIS, FED, Apple, China, Alibabba, Scotland, Atlantic City, Ukraine, and on and on.  It’s great to know what’s going on in the world, but, responding to it by changing you investments around is a sure way to get burned.

Instead, it is OK to admit you come from a place of not knowing and make your decisions around that which you can control – diversify, choose low-cost products, and turn off CNBC!



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