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A Wonderful Gift for the Holidays


If you have been through the death of a loved one during the digital age, you know how frustrating it can be if the decedent died and left an old or incomplete list of passwords. It becomes impossible to access vital information, pay bills, or, obtain important digital records. Some even are not able to access family photo’s on an IPhone because there is no record of the Apple ID. We can all do better and do it for your own benefit as well as your heirs.

Password manager interface examples
Password manager interface examples

Consider giving yourself  the gift of a password manager / digital vault subscription.  Keeper, Last Pass, and Dashlane are among the more popular for a very low annual cost( less than $50 annually) and can store all your passwords on ALL of your devices, upload important documents, keep important notes and contact information.  Whatever tool you use will auto fill and ask whether you want to save passwords as you go. And, you can share passwords with anyone you wish. You can transition over time as you become more and more familiar with its use.


We know firsthand how valuable Lass Pass has been in our personal and business lives to use a password manager.  It has simplified everything and made our world on-line much more secure!


Kiss lost or forgotten passwords goodbye! Consider giving a password manager as a gift to yourself AND/or a loved one this holiday season.

Use the checklist below to help you find the password manager that is right for you.

Things to consider when choosing a password manager

  • Capture and replay of newly created accounts with the ability to identify any updates or changes over time
  • Digital Vault, to store important document right alongside your passwords, though this can be an extra monthly charge
  • Password generator that helps create unique and secure passwords for each account
  • Multifactor authentication adding the adding security of a fingerprint or physical token
  • Autofill for form and payments to make life a bit easier and more secure
  • Secure sharing so you can safely and conveniently share access to your accounts
  • Support for mobile and app passwords
  • Emergency access that allows you to choose whom and how your passwords (and potentially other important documents) can be accessed after you’ve passed through the pearly gates.



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