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Q1 MLP Outlook


I wanted to pass along the positive Q1 2018 MLP outlook commentary from Dewitt Capital Management. Also, an article in Barron’s that shines a light on the state of MLPs.

” After an unexpected headwind this quarter, MLPs are starting to turn the corner again, and we believe now is the time to consider adding to or begin investing in MLPs and energy infrastructure. MLPs have been underperforming in a manner that is often associated with washout stock prices where small improvements market in sentiment can lead to a lot of upside, while downside is limited. As we enter the later part of this economic cycle we expect investors to begin to rotate into the energy sector, which will benefit MLPs.” -Dave DeWitt

DeWitt’s Commentary: 2018 Q1 MLP Outlook

Barron’s Article: MLPs are inexpensive, yield as much as 8.2%, and are poised to prosper. Have another look.

Kelly Bashore



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